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One day, I received an inquiry from Thailand

One day, I received an inquiry from Thailand, this inquiry was short: we need white polyester spun yarn 16s to produce socks, I sent our price to him in soon. Then he told me he need our sample, I also sent our sample in the next day. It was fast, only take 3 days, our sample received our customer hand. He told me that his nephew( a young man) would take over the job.

This young men told me their factory test our yarn strength and other specification, they were very satisfy our quality. But he asked me: are you sure this yarn is white yarn ? I said "yes", he told me this yarn looks more yellow than theirs. I stated the raw white yarn is just look like this.

He was shocked. He said what they needed was bleached yarn.I realized that there might have a misunderstanding between us. His uncle told me that what they need was white yarn.

Then he explained that his uncle's English was not very good and should have been translated to me by translation software, so he did not express clearly: what they need was bleached yarn.

I sent our sample again in the shortest time: bleached yarn. After receiving it, the customer said that it was indeed bleached yarn this time, and the finished socks were compared, but the final result was that the finished socks made from our yarn were not white enough.

I told the customer that it was because of the fiber (raw material), and then we sent our different fiber raw materials sample to the customer again.

After sending sample for three times, it took more than 2 months, finally the customer placed the order and got their satisfy goods.

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