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What is the Difference Between Plain Cloth and Twill Cloth?

Jul. 29, 2021

As a Cotton Lycra Fabric Manufacturer, I would like to share with you.

What is twill? Twill fabric is a cotton fabric with a two-on-one twill weave and a 45° left-hand twill. The front side of the twill weave is obvious, but the reverse side of the variegated twill is not very obvious. The warp and weft yarn counts are similar, the warp density is slightly higher than the weft density, and the hand feel is softer than khaki.

Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric

Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric

The difference between twill and plain weave

Plain weave is interlaced one up and down, and twill is two up and down or three up and down. Plain weave is the same as the front and back. The front and back of the twill are different. The plain weave is dense and thick, and the twill structure is relatively soft. As for the purpose, the design of the color is generally long and long on the front warp of the twill, and it has a good luster and soft touch. It is mostly used in clothing and bedding. In comparison, it is better for babies to use it softly.

Basic characteristics of twill

Various twill weaves are used to make the surface of the fabric show diagonal lines composed of warp or weft floating long lines. Twill fabric is a medium-thick, low-grade twill cotton fabric. There are two kinds of thick and thin (20-40 pieces). Both use 2/1 left twill weave. The texture is slightly thicker and softer than plain cloth, and the front texture is clear. Our company also has Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric on sale, welcome to contact us.

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