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How to Match a Classic Plaid Shirt?

May. 31, 2021

Autumn comes quietly, put away the summer shirts and skirts, put on various styles of shirts, and continue to spend the autumn beautifully. It has more temperament than lace, and a touch of fairy air than T-shirts. Do you still think the shirt is dull and monotonous? It may be that you didn't choose the right style!

The most frequent appearance of shirts is the classic plaid shirt, which is also the most classic and most fashionable item. Next, TR Fabric Manufacturer will recommend several fashionable and personalized check shirts. Let's take a look.

TR Check Fabric

TR Check Fabric

Autumn pink plaid shirt, long-sleeved versatile shirt, casual college style, very soft texture, it will weaken the contour of your upper body, the bat shirt design can hide the flesh on your arm. The combination of pink and gray is very white, with a sense of vitality, and at the same time it will not appear dull.

The most classic red and blue plaid shirt seems quite satisfactory, but an opening has been added to the sleeve to expose a slender arm, which shows your beauty just right. The red and blue grids all over the street, as long as you do a little modification in the details, you can instantly transform into different styles.

The color of color-blocking shirts is relatively rare, and the rate of hitting shirts when walking on the street is relatively low. The respective colors are composed of cool deep sea blue and warm ginger yellow. The size of the cuffs can be adjusted at will, which is also a major feature of it. If you like the cool BF wind, take it quickly.

A shirt with a full sense of design, its highlight lies in the personalized sleeve design, the sleeves are split, revealing a little playful taste, fashionable and handsome. Without too much decoration, the fair skin is slightly exposed, and you can deduce the sensual sexiness.

The red and black checkered shirt is enthusiastic and lively, injecting fresh vitality into the cool autumn, full of enthusiasm, and makes people shine. Wearing a pair of black tights doubles the handsomeness. The tide is cool, and everyone can control it well.

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